Indoor Plants

  • Australian Umbrella Tree - Care Guide


    Australian Umbrella Tree (Schefflera Arborica). Evergreen tree, with single or multiple trunks and palm style multiple leaves.


     Light Preference

    Bright, but indirect light is preferred.  Will tolerate both a shady spot, and a bit of early or late direct sun, so fairly relaxed.  Don’t go too dark.


    Frost Tolerance

    Not!  Indoor plant only.



    Up to an 8ft maximum eventually. Bigger outdoors. 


    Around 1.5ft maximum



  • Cuttings of Echeveria Nodulosa

    The parent plant is well and truly past it, so ignored it for a long time, until small, fine roots started showing in many places. 

    This cutting is the first I’ve taken. It has a small growth of new leaves, and several small roots, and I’ve placed it on the surface of some sandy soil. 

    Plan to only water with an occasional sprayer. 

  • Maisy's New Avocado

    It had been several years since the demise of Pinky.  Aaaah, never forget Pinky.  But Maisy decided it was time to start again, to get ourselves back out into the Avocado tree dating game, as it were.  Here are the seeds being planted.

  • Rubber Plant - Ficus Elastica Cutting

    So, absolutely no idea when I took this cuting, but I do know its a cutting of a plant that was growing in the Food Surveys office almost from the day I started.  Or perhaps it was a gift from Linda when she left to change jobs.  I think it may be the latter.  Either way, the parent is long gone, but I'm really pleased to have a cutting still going strong in the office today, many many years later.  Again, will update with actual time scales if I ever get that far back.

  • The Office Banana - Getting Pretty Big

    Height: 4 Feet

    Was speaking to my Dad about why a commercial Cavendish variety of banana shouldn't eventually grow some fruit. 

  • Two Easy Peelers - Small Seedlings

    Ah, they are looking super nice.  Small citrus seedlings, with good healthy leaves.  It's almost like someone else grew them....