Australian Umbrella Tree (Schefflera Arboricola). Evergreen tree, with single or multiple trunks and palm style multiple leaves.


Light Preference

Bright, but indirect light is preferred.  Will tolerate both a shady spot, and a bit of early or late direct sun, so fairly relaxed.  Don’t go too dark.


Frost Tolerance

Not!  Indoor plant only.



Up to an 8ft maximum eventually. Bigger outdoors. 



Around 1.5ft maximum



Regularly through the growing season, when the top layer dries, aiming to keep moist but with no standing water.  Happier slightly under than slightly over.



Weekly to monthly through growing season.



From cuttings in soil.  Take 4 inch cuttings in spring, with a leaf section at base for root growth.  Use some rooting hormone and place in the propagator for extra humidity.



Smallish pot in relation to plant size. Repot in spring, with well drained soil and some perlite - they don’t want to be too damp. Remove and renew top layer of soil instead of potting for mature plant. 



Can be cut back if they grow leggy.  Can be pinched out to encourage fuller side growth.


Problems Seen

None so far….



NOTE:  This entire website is really just a diary and scrap book, collected from my own experience and random bits from here and there. Not intended for advice - you are very much encouraged to seek out your own advice on these plants. Seriously - I kill as many as live….be warned!