Fishtail Palm (Caryota Mitis). Evergreen palm, growing in a clump, with triangular leaflets at the end of stems.


Light Preference

Bright, but indirect light is preferred.  Short spells of direct light in winter in some recommendations.  I've had it in a light-ish corner during its recovery, which seems to be doing well so far.


Frost Tolerance

Not!  Indoor plant only.



Up to a 6ft maximum eventually. Bigger outdoors. 



Around 3ft maximum



Only monthly through the winter months.  Let it dry a little during summer months, as they definitely don't want standing water.  Well draining soil is a good idea.  Yellow leaves / brown spots / rots can be indication of over watering.



Weekly to monthly through growing season.



From cuttings in soil.  Take 4 inch cuttings in spring, with a leaf section at base for root growth.  Use some rooting hormone and place in the propagator for extra humidity.



Every few years.  Worth putting a little gravel in the bottom of new pot to encourage drainage.



Doesn't require pruning as such, but worth removing dead or damaged leaves to keep the environment clear for good growth.

Problems Seen

Nearly killed this one.  Still not totally sure why, but lost all of the leaves.  Suspect either too much direct light or too much water.  Cleared all dead stems, put it in a quiet corner and ignored it for a few weeks.  Now looking much better. 


NOTE:  This entire website is really just a diary and scrap book, collected from my own experience and random bits from here and there. Not intended for advice - you are very much encouraged to seek out your own advice on these plants. Seriously - I kill as many as live….be warned!