• Giant Sequoia from Seed - Early Days!

    Man, this is going back some.  So turns out my sequoia, as I write now in 2020 is around 10 years old.  He's a bit worse for wear now, if I'm honest, and I'll need to get a new picture sorted soon, but pretty sure they are not going to last in a pot, and I've never had that spare money for the field!  Either way, here is back when he was a tiny seedling.  Will keep working backwards so I can eventually post how old here, but can't be more than a year or two, surely.

  • Giant Sequoia from Seed - Random Pictures from 2010

    May through to September 2010.  It's possible these pictures are already in another post, but hey, no harm in having them again.

  • Small Growing Giant Sequoia

    Super old photo of my sequoia.  This is back when he actually looked good.  Don't quite know how old he is here, but might become clear when I gradually add more photos over time.