• Germinating Fatsia Japonica From Seed

    Height: 0mm

    Will check back to see when I planted these. I’m guessing about three weeks ago, so fairly slow germinating. Here’s what I did:


    • harvested the seeds from the back garden, choosing the dark coloured ones rather then those still green
    • Squished the out case to reveal four or five of the actual seeds, then washed them down
    • Planted on the surface (as they need light to germinate)
    • Put them in the greenhouse, and forgot about them, other than watering along with everything else
    • Today, seeing that one has germinated, I’ve moved it from the random plastic tray to a pot, while the seed could still easily be moved (No idea whether this is the right thing to do)
  • Growing Fatsia Japonica From Seed - The Sequel!

    Now that the first batch are out of the office and in to the garden, it obviously made sense to have another go. 

    did nothing other than collect the seeds after they had turned dark brown in colour, squashed them and cleaned off the pulp. They then went straight into a seed-specific compost. 

    Germination started in literally a few days.