Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.
Martin Luther

We were eating melon in the garden, so it seemed the obvious next step.  Maisy planted a few to what would transpire. 

Managed to get a quick cutting of a Eucalyptus, so having a go at rooting it in water.

I love Passion flower. Ever since we had one on the front wall of our first house back in Birmingham which grew so big and abundant, it managed to pull the entire trellis off the wall. But then, it turns out they are so resilient, we were just able to pick the whole plant and trellis up, hold it in place and screw it back in. As if nothing had happened. Anyway, why be satisfied with just a single plant?  It may be late August, but no harm in have a go. 


I’m keen to try more cuttings and propagation in water anyway, and Passiflora seems a good option. 

Reckon I’ve had this plant in the office for 20 years, pretty much since I started work.  Didn’t actually know it was a type of dracaena until recently, and still not sure I’ve picked the correct variety. Anyway, it was a super tall, spindly single stem which just needed something doing. So I’ve taken a cutting of the main crown along with three more stem cuttings, which will hopefully lead to better growth on the parent too. 

Trying to grow a cherry tree from seeds.  I’ve no idea whether this will work, and no idea whether my commercial cherries are from a cultivar that’ll even grow, but nothing ventured nothing gained when it comes to propagation on the edge!

I am certain I did this once before, but no longer ya e a pomegranate plant. Considering we get both fresh pomegranate and the packages of prepared seeds through the office every week I’m going to see if I can germinate some of the seeds.